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“My words have escaped”I whisper to the empty box they bursted openedAt firstI feared they would choketo their first taste of airBut they didn’tI closed my eyesand sighed in reliefThen I stayed silentJust so I could hear them echoJust so I could hold them in my armsJust so I could hear them breatheThey couldn’t standthe…

Ideology eyes

You are not born with ideology But you will only die without it If you don’t live at all I was born with a nose too small Glasses dangle there for a little And eventually fall off I guess I thought the same would happen To ideology glasses But I was wrong Because they are…

Ticking clock

The clock ticks “What makes a poem a poem?” I asked myself as I brushed my teeth I am so overwhelmed My eyes weight heavy There is nothing I would rather do now than go to sleep But I am here The clock ticks As I drown in questions I can’t answer Poetry to me…

Natural language

“Language is natural”, they say As if there isn’t a few drops of blood on every line I write As if my poems were created out of thin air not early mornings not sleepless nights As if I have never cried over the mediocrity of my work “Language is natural”, they tell me And suddenly…


The night is a coward Passed its fingers through my sky Stole the light that once was there The moon follows me through the night I forgot my dreams under my bed the same places where monsters hide Silly me to think I am capable enough for this ride Words still won’t come to me…


Her childhood is a blur,
a rootless flower,
a roofless house,
a thunderstorm,
a collection of wistful memories her heart wants to forget
but can’t