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“My words have escaped”I whisper to the empty box they bursted openedAt firstI feared they would choketo their first taste of airBut they didn’tI closed my eyesand sighed in reliefThen I stayed silentJust so I could hear them echoJust so I could hold them in my armsJust so I could hear them breatheThey couldn’t standthe…


Her childhood is a blur,
a rootless flower,
a roofless house,
a thunderstorm,
a collection of wistful memories her heart wants to forget
but can’t


–  ❊ – Mother of four forgotten nameless kids, Mia grows old refusing to let go of the little girl who dreamt of being a ballerina. Her hobbies include annoying her grumpy big brother, watching Sponge Bob, and keeping up with everything going on around the house. When asked about her past her expression was…

Through your eyes

Hello my friend! You must be thinking that you have just found a message addressed to someone else. But if this lovely piece of paper ended up on your way, I guess right now this letter is supposed to be nowhere but in your hands. However, before I start I want to ask you a…